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Tasting wine - buy wine

Enrique, Plasencia Garcia; my new (neighbor) New Wine shop in le Bourg, rue de la Balme, Beynac-et-Cazenac,

Info ; +33 (0) 6 19 72 10 28


one of the wines that are favorites is the Pecharmant

Pécharmant is a wine name (Appellation d’origine contrôlée, AOC) for certain wines produced in the hills northeast of the town of Bergerac, France. With a surface area of ​​400 hectares, the municipalities of Bergerac, Creysse and Lembras produce nearly 15 000 hectoliters of red wine. Pécharmant is the best known of the wines from the Dordogne and has been classified as AOC since 1936. The identification “Pécharmant” dates from 1946 and the new AOC since 13 March 1992.


First produced in the eleventh century, Pécharmant is the oldest collective of vineyards in the region of Bergerac. “Pécharmant” comes from the words “Pech” (”Hill”) and “Charmant” (Charming), so “the charming hill”. The vineyards of Pécharmant are well exposed to the sun and the soil consists of sand and gravel from the Périgord and contains a deep layer of ferrous clay called “Tran”.

Pécharmant is a blend of four grape varieties, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. [1] These varieties produce a wine suitable for keeping for four to ten years, mostly tannic and full-bodied, ruby ​​colored with fruity aromas, which can be served with game, Périgord charcuterie, confits, duck, red meat and strong cheeses . The land used for the cultivation of Pécharmant was formerly used for growing grapes for the production of Rosette, a delicate white wine produced in the Bergerac region.

With kind regards, Pierre

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Adress;  Le Bourg / Rue Paul Eluard   24220  Beynac-et-Cazenac. Dordogne France. +33(0) 63 28 84 989

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