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Abstract Expressionisme / Fragile-Freedom - Synesthesie.


Fragile, Freedom, Abstract, Expressionism, Pierre van Dijk, Painting, Paintings, Pierre, Home, wall, living, room, sitting room, decoration, Art, Holland, Europe, Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, Arshile Gorky, Adolph Gottlieb, Philip Guston, Franz Kline, William Baziotes,Art project fragile-freedom. "We need a new day" - 80x80cm Pierre van Dijk./ Private Collection - Miami Florida - VS.

" Atelier Today een Impressie. "   © Pierre van Dijk

2022 - '23  "Fragile Freedom"  &  "Synesthesie - Abstract-Expressionisme.                                          1990/'98  Thema;  "Shutting"  Begrenzing in het denken. 

 De foto's hieronder zijn gemaakt met de iPhone , de kleuren zijn niet optimaal en wijken af !!!

Abstract Expressionism Pierre van Dijk, Synesthesie , Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, Arshile Gorky, Adolph Gottlieb, Philip Guston, Franz Kline, William Baziotes,"Portrait of my best friend" 80x100cm Acrylic on linen / Pierre '23

Abstract Expressionism Pierre van Dijk, Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, Arshile Gorky, Adolph Gottlieb, Philip Guston, Franz Kline, William Baziotes,Expo '22 - Fragile Freedom

kleur  Het werkelijke gevoel van het licht zelf.   
Goethe ; "Het waarnemen van kleur is een innerlijk fenomeen, tenminste voor de mens die zijn gevoel niet onderdrukt. " 

2022 Thema ; "Fragile Freedom" Abstract-Expressionisme.     DTV - Interview


ATELIER Gastenboek (meest recente bijdragen)

Antonio Novo
23-04-23 09:45:44
Wonderful ; "Two Pianos and 1 painting a connection through time." (Trilogy)
240 x 100 cm - Acryl on Linen / Pierre v.Dijk.
that inspiration In color
very beautiful paintings
Fits any kind of decorations.­Congratulations again
And thank you for us
Make it known
So beautiful
Hug Friend
Hi Antonio , Thank you for this compliment.
Kind regards Pierre
Michael. Miller
24-02-23 11:59:44
Water lilies 23 / 50x60cm Acrylic on linen
Dear Pierre
Looking at this painting I hear music, and up seeing the notes swimming on leaves in the lake.
Sincerely Michael
Hi Michael
Thank you This is very poetic.
Marilyn Newsome
13-12-22 13:15:39
Notice how your brain and your eyes feel relaxed from the simplicity of these beautiful works.
Hartville, South Carolina
Hi Marilyn
Thank you very much for your comment
Geri Halliwell
05-06-22 01:49:02
Dear Pierre,
Busy weeks behind us. Three major races in the Principality of Monaco and many exciting galas and wonderful reunions with old friends.
Kind regards; Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls), Zsolt Szemerszky and Christian Horner (Red Bull Team Principal)
Dear Geri
Hope to see you again this summer in France
14-05-22 19:59:12
Beste Pierre
Hier onze reactie
Wij hebben genoten van ons bezoek aan uw galerie het was verfrissend en bijzonder, bedankt voor uw gastvrijheid. Ik laat u bij deze weten dat wij zeer blij zijn met het schilderij , zal een foto sturen zoals beloofd.
met vriendelijke groet
Anne en Gerardeu Boseret
Hi Anne en Gerardeu
Dank het genoegen is geheel mijnerzijds.
ik zie de foto met spanning tegemoet.
groet Pierre.
Sharon Lewis
10-04-22 18:45:44
Dear Pierre thank you for the invitation to your expo "Fragile Freedom" April 17, 2022 in the Netherlands ... I think your new work is fantastic and I am sure it will be a success.

Yours faithfully
Sharon Lewis
75016 PARIS
Hi Sharon
Thank you ... I will keep you informed.
Kind regards
Phil Alexandre
30-03-22 11:36:00
Hi Pierre.
your Abstract expressionism is Surprising but understandable this in my opinion a justified artistic response to the world around us.
I wish you all the best
Phil Alexandre
Hi Phil
It's good to hear from you again....
Thanks for this message.
Kassandra Voyagis.
05-02-22 11:36:40
Dear Pierre
LA Art Show 2022
Was a well attended and very successful show. We are excited to announce the dates for the next LA Art Show - February 15-19, 2023!

With best regards
LA Art Show producer and director,
Kassandra Voyagis.
Dear Kassandra
Thank you for this attention
“I hope, by next year, we will all be in a better place regarding Covid,” and to be able to attend… Kind regards Pierre
Sharon Lewis
04-11-21 17:52:13
The real painting in front of me widely exceeds the expectations created by the photos, how beautiful!
Sharon Lewis
75016 PARIS

Dear Sharon, thank you for this comment…
阿民 李 Lee
10-09-21 13:34:52
Hi Pierre I would like to express my admiration for your way of handling our purchase and the shipment was perfect .. the painting is now hanging in our living room it is beautiful my wife and I enjoy it ... every day . Sincerely . 阿民 李 - Amin Lee - TAIWAN
Amin Lee
No thanks .. the pleasure is all mine . Pierre
Josune Basterra Bustinza
28-08-21 17:46:25

Pierre, we know each other long time ago and you know I love your #art👏💯🌹
Especially the water lily series. meet you later.

Josune Basterra Bustinza
Contacts & Services around the world
Zayed Communications
UAE Luxury Brand Ambassador Dubai
dear Josune . It's good to hear from you again.. see you later.. with love. Pierre
Edward Smith
21-08-21 20:47:59

It is so refreshing to see that impressionism is alive. This offers a healthy respite from the garishness of much of current art. (author of "The Psychology of Artists and the Arts")
Edward W. L. Smith, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Author, and Poet
Edward ; Thank you for your comment on my work . i see you are Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) and working at Georgia State University .. i am honored . kind regards pierre
Maryna Kovaltchuk
19-04-21 13:50:29
Dear Pierre, we enjoy the Water Lilies thanks again for cooperation ... with kind regards; Maryna Kovaltchuk, AP LEI CHAU - HONG KONG
Hi Maryna , Good to hear that everything went well and that you can enjoy it for a long time. Pierre
Caroline LP.
28-02-21 09:52:38
My father commissioned Pierre to paint a portrait of my mother after she died. He managed to capture the essence of her, especially in her eyes, which bring back the memory of her. My father loved the painting and we were really happy and grateful to have this souvenir of her.
Thank you Caroline .... I have experienced it as very special...
Barbara Reyer
06-02-21 13:13:54
Arrived quickly and very well packed...
kind regards Barbara.
Dear Barbara .... Fantastic its indeed fast . I am glad that this darling of mine has now ended up in good hands. kind regards Pierre
Anne Boseret
18-01-21 15:24:11
Hello Pierre. Thank you for the beautiful painting Water Lilies No. 9, it hangs with us in a good place. greetings Anne Boseret
Dank je wel Anne. ik wens je nog lang veel kijk plezier Gr. Pierre
Ivan Kennedy
31-08-20 08:13:42
Waterlelies nr.22
Thank you Pierre, the painting Water Lilies No. 22 has arrived. the delay (by Covid19) increased the desire to see the painting on the wall. We love the water lilies painting it is fantastic
Ivan Kennedy
Ivan; Thank you it is good to hear. Kind regards Pierre
26-04-20 09:46:30
. Romantic boat trip
Dear Pierre
Despite the corona virus has caused some delay, I am very happy with this purchase "Romantic Boat trip" thanks for the good care .. and warm greetings from SALERNO,
Claudia Moscovici
15-03-20 10:22:46
Paris March 14;
Dear Pierre, I enjoyed your new work and found it very inspiring. Thank you for your invitation. I'm definitely coming by this summer.
yours sincerely.
Thank you .. I'm looking forward to it
Anne Simpson
05-03-20 08:54:31
Pierre has painted me some wonderful works including a portrait of my daughter, Sabine. I feel he has so much energy and passion which is reflected in his beautiful art. He genuinely captures the essence of every subject he represents. Pierre is a true talent. !!!
Hi Anne;
Thank you it is my pleasure .
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